In re M&T Bank Corporation ERISA Litigation

Civil Action No.: 1:16-cv-375-FPG-JJM
Consolidated Action

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Important Court Ordered Notice

You have been sent a Notice in this lawsuit because records related to the M&T Bank Corporation Retirement Savings Plan indicate that you may be a Class Member.

If you fall within the definition of the Class, you have a right to know about the Settlement and about all of the options available to you before the Court decides whether to give its final approval to the Settlement. If the Court approves the Settlement, and after any objections and appeals are resolved, the Net Settlement Amount will be allocated among Class Members according to a Court-approved Plan of Allocation.

The class is defined as: All persons, except Defendants and their immediate family members, who were participants in or beneficiaries of the M&T Bank Corporation Retirement Savings Plan, at any time during the Class Period from May 11, 2010 through September 30, 2019.

These are your rights and options:

Current Participants:  If you received a notice indicating you are a current participant, you do not need to do anything to receive your share of the Net Settlement Amount.

Former Participants: If you received a notice indicating you are a former participant, you must complete, sign, and mail in the Former Participant Claim Form to the Settlement Administrator with a postmark on or before August 24, 2020. Former participants must timely submit a valid Claim Form to be entitled to a share of the Net Settlement Amount.

You May Object: If they don’t believe the settlement is fair, Class members may file an objection with the Clerk of the Court and provide copies to Class Counsel and Defense Counsel by July 24, 2020. The Court will consider the objections in deciding whether to approve the settlement.

You can Attend a Hearing:  You may also attend the Fairness Hearing on September 3, 2020 but you may only speak at the Fairness Hearing if you file and serve a notice of intent to appear by July 24, 2020.